It’s What You’re Thinking That You’re Attracting

It’s what you’re thinking that you’re attracting. There is a better than average chance that someone has made that statement to you in the past. With that being said, you might be wondering what on earth they are even talking about. No, they’re not just talking to hear themselves speak. What they are telling you is that if you expect good things to come your way, they will. Unfortunately, if you are a pessimist who constantly expects the very worst things to happen and you are always in distress about the next bad thing that is around the corner, that is what you are going to attract. It is called The Law of Attraction and there has been a great deal of work done regarding this law, so it is not something that should ever be dismissed or scoffed at.

In reality, the Law of Attraction is very simple. When someone says that you’re attracting a certain thing, you might think they’re full of it, at least at first. If you really stop and think about it, you will probably recognize that there have been plenty of times in your life where you fully expected something to work out for the best and it did. You might be able to pinpoint a few times where you worried about something not going your way and you managed to think of every negative possibility under the sun. Chances are, things didn’t go your way because you created so much negative energy about the situation that you ended up getting negative energy back.

Every person and in fact, every living being, puts out energy. Essentially, we are all made of energy. Think of the energy that you put out as a frequency on a radio station. The best stations have a good, strong signal and they play great music all day long while others are filled with static, hard to hear, or play music that is so bad you wish you couldn’t hear them. The same is true with an individual. You might not realize it, but you are putting these type of wavelengths out toward other people. When you put that energy into the universe, do you want it to be positive, loving energy or do you want it to be negative energy that is filled with worry, distrust and even hatred? Remember, just like those radio waves, that energy will eventually be reflected back to you. Do you want the positive energy coming your way or do you want to be inundated with a bunch of negative feelings that are only backed up by even more negative experiences?

If you think that you’re attracting negativity, it is probably because you need to change your outlook. Don’t expect things to go wrong. Expect to achieve your goals and dreams, to get that job you want, or to be filled with abundance in everything that you need. Expect to be financially well-off and expect to have abundance in every other area of your life. Granted, you can’t change your outlook in one day but if you start gradually changing things, you would be surprised how much different that outlook can become. More importantly, you will be surprised at the positive energy that you’re attracting once you do change it.

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