Your Thoughts Become Things!

Did you know that your thoughts become things? Some people are already aware of this fact and others will look at you like you have three heads when you ask them this question. Before you are so quick to dismiss the idea, consider for just a moment that it might just be true. If thoughts can indeed become things, imagine what it would be like to think about having everything that you have ever wanted. Imagine dedicating just a little bit of time each day to thinking about this and visualizing it until it becomes reality. Imagine what would happen if you thought about it on purpose until it became something that was second nature to you and was in the back of your mind almost all the time. Essentially, you could think about the things that you want and eventually, they would materialize.

If that doesn’t get your attention, think about the possibility that thoughts become things and that you spend the overwhelming majority of your time thinking about things that scare you or make you feel sad. What if those things come true simply because you can’t stop thinking about them? What if you are afraid that you won’t get that promotion or that you will never achieve the dream you have had your entire life? What if the very fact that you are selling yourself short creates its own sort of twisted reality where that is exactly what happens? What a shame it would be that you don’t get the things that are important to you, all because you have essentially prevented them from happening in the first place because you constantly thought about the worst case scenario every time you were given an opportunity to think on a more positive note.

If you still don’t think this has any merit, look at all of the people who are successful. They will almost universally tell you that in order to be successful, you have to go after what you want with the expectation that it will occur, never allowing the possibility of things not going your way to enter your mind. By the same token, if you look at people who don’t have satisfying lives, they are the negative individuals that are never happy with anything, don’t believe that they can achieve anything, and subsequently never attempt to do anything about their situation. In both cases, people are creating their own reality by thinking about what is happening to them or what could happen to them. They are then making it become their reality.

Still need more convincing? John Assaraf asserts that thoughts have a frequency. This is absolutely true. We are beings that are composed of energy and everything we do has a particular frequency associated with it, including our thoughts. If you think about positive things, it raises your vibration, or frequency, and that vibration is reflected back to you, thereby creating a more positive reality. The same is true if you have a lot of negative thoughts that lower your vibration. In addition, Charles Haanel said that “like attracts like.” This is a statement that couldn’t be more true and even the most persistent individual would have a hard time arguing this fact. Both of these individuals have a great deal of experience when it comes to the Law of Attraction, so it is worthwhile to pay attention to what they say, even if you have never been a person to put any stock in this sort of thing. If you were able to see the frequency of your thoughts, you would undoubtedly become convinced almost instantly. Remember, it isn’t always possible to see the wind or the rays of the sun either, but you know they are there.

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