Learning to Let Go

Learning to live the best life you can takes practice and more than a healthy dose of determination. Every person has those days when it seems like there are more challenges than they can handle. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to give into the pressures of daily life. The truth is, you can learn to live the life you deserve and be the best you, regardless of the challenges you might be facing at the time. One of the most effective ways of accomplishing your goals is to learn to let go, especially when it comes to the ten things below. Once you give up these things, your life will automatically become much easier.

1. Control

People lull themselves into the false idea that they are in control of various things. In reality, no one is really in control of anything. As individuals, we plan and we strive for goals, but there is often something better on the horizon that we aren’t even aware of at the time. When you give up control, you are actually freeing yourself to enjoy all of the opportunities that are there for you.

2. Insecurities

There is nothing that will hold you back more than your own insecurities. When that self-doubt starts plaguing you, you don’t go after the things you want with everything you have. This can keep you from achieving your dreams. In the worst of cases, it can stop you from even trying to achieve anything at all.

3. The past

When bad things happen to you, they have a way of sticking around. If you let it, your past might destroy you. Instead, realize that every person makes mistakes and then understand that you are not your past. Learn to let go of the past. You are a beautiful person and you deserve to have a happy life.

4. Excuses

If you get in the habit of using excuses to get out of doing things, you will soon find yourself doing it all the time. If you really want to get the things you want out of life, you have to stop making excuses and start finding reasons to achieve your goals instead of finding reasons not to go after them.

5. Greed

There is simply no room for greed in your life. It will never benefit you or anyone else to be greedy. It doesn’t help those you love and it will only hurt you. Greed is never good. The sooner you get rid of greed and start learning to enjoy the simpler things in life, the better off you will be.

6. The need to be perfect

The problem with the inability to be happy unless everything is perfect is that things never are. Life in and of itself is imperfect. In fact, some of the best moments in life are the direct result of something that is very much less than perfect. Furthermore, there will always be someone who can do something better than you or who has some talent you wish you had. Learn to love imperfection. It makes life worth living.

7. Anger and other negative emotions

Negative emotions of any kind don’t serve you well. When you allow someone or something to have that type of control over you, you are the one that gets hurt. In addition, when you put forth that kind of negative energy, that is what you will get back. People will sometimes say things that are unkind and unfair. The best thing you can do is move forward and not pay them any attention. Be who you re and be proud of that. You don’t have to justify it to anyone.

8. Unrealistic expectations

Setting high goals is a good thing. However, setting unrealistic expectations for yourself or others only sets you up for failure. It also makes you feel bad about yourself unnecessarily. Set goals that are realistic, achieve them, and then set some goals that are a little higher. If you have a lofty goal, break it down into many smaller goals. This helps you keep your expectations of yourself more realistic. It also makes it easier for you refrain from expecting too much of others.

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9. Pride

Pride is like greed. It really doesn’t achieve anything. Everyone needs help from time to time and everyone fails at something at some point in their lives. Let the pride go and understand that everyone is vulnerable sometimes.

10. The need for approval

The cold hard truth is that you won’t always get the approval of others. Some people may love the things you do while others just don’t get it. In the end, the only person who needs to approve of you is you. Stay true to yourself, even when it is hard to do so.

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Now that you know what to do, go out there and live your life. Don’t let anyone stand in your way and do your best not to let the judgment of others drag you down. The most important thing you can do is know who you are at your core and then honor that each and every day.

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