A Grateful Heart Is a Magnet for Miracles

Many people would agree that miracles are most needed when you’re in a state of despair and going through a tough time. It’s when it feels like your world is crashing down that you wish for a miracle or for everything to just somehow work out already. However, it’s also during those moments that feeling gratitude is most important in order to attract miracles into your life. Gratitude should be practiced on a daily basis, so you can consistently receive miracles and feel better overall. A grateful heart is an important step in the law of attraction. Here’s a deeper look at why gratitude is essential to manifesting miracles and how to nurture a grateful heart:

Gratitude Raises Your Vibration and Harmonizes Energy

Gratitude is important because it raises your vibration and harmonizes your energy with the Universe. A grateful heart is so powerful that Meister Eckhart said if the only prayer you made in life was “thank you”, that would be enough. Those who have fantastic lives tend to practice gratitude. Pay attention more to your interactions with others, and you’ll notice the most grateful people seem to be happiest with their lives.

Focusing on What You Want Brings It into Your Life

People who live the best lives usually don’t complain often. You might think that’s because their lives are going well. However, the opposite is true. It’s because they are consciously grateful that they have miraculous lives. Complaining attracts more problems because it causes you to focus on the negatives. Remember that the law of attraction states focusing on positive things attracts positive experiences, whereas thinking negatively attracts negative experiences.

How to Create a Grateful Heart?

You can develop and maintain a grateful heart by thinking of three to five things you’re grateful for each day. Also express gratitude for the things coming your way. For instance, say to yourself “I’m grateful for the money coming to me.” or “I’m grateful for the new car.” Being grateful for what you want to receive helps keep you open to receiving and manifest faster. Another easy technique for becoming a miracle magnet through gratitude is to say “thank you” 100 times per day. Say it when you wake up, while you’re brushing your teeth, when you arrive to work on time, etc. You can think it if you don’t want to say it out loud.

Keeping a grateful heart is important for attracting miracles in your life. Gratitude helps you focus on everything good with your life. Thinking positive thoughts creates positive feelings. And when you’re feeling good, it’s much easier to attract what you want. Always practice gratitude every day and feel grateful for what you’ll receive in the future to become a magnet for miracles. It’s really as simple as that.

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